Local Authorities

Local Authorities and other Commissioning Bodies

We work with Registered Providers who offer Governance and Compliance support, legal advise and keep us abreast of any changing legislation in the sector of Supported Accommodation.

We see ourselves as the link between the landlord’s house and the clients home. We provide real, comfortable and safe homes for people facing homelessness with complex support needs. There are currently thousands of people across the country who desperately want and need their own home. The service we offer ultimately will assist our clients into independent living and with our expertise in specialised supported housing they can successfully live in the community.

We offer personalised housing management and support on all aspects of the tenancy and work closely with collaborative support providers once the tenant has moved in so that we are able to proactively address any issues.

We typically offer our landlords ten-year leases for properties, taking away the hassle of property management and providing them with a tangible social impact.

We offer our residents quality housing with rent and tenure suited to their circumstances and a personalised system of support and coaching to help them maintain their licence and prepare for a planned Move On Plan into independent accommodation.

How we can help you meeting housing needs

We work with individuals:

  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Ready to move on from a custodial sentence
  • Requiring stable accommodation where specialist agencies can provide support
  • Who have a longer term but low-level housing related support needs

We provide:

  • Good quality, mainly self-contained properties, with some two – four bed shared properties where this is more appropriate. All of the properties are fully furnished.
  • Housing with intensive housing management that can be supplemented by higher levels of support by other agencies and facilitated by Ready4Home.
  • Leasing schemes can be provided for local authorities to assist in meeting their homelessness duties, for single homeless individuals.
  • Affordable housing within the Local Housing Allowance thresholds.
  • Private rented access service, where no current local authority service exists.
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