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Ready4Home provide accommodation, care and support to clients in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas who are currently facing homelessness and need support to regain their independence.

The service works with single people aged 18 and over who are in danger of becoming homeless or who are experiencing housing related issues due to unforeseen circumstances. It provides a safe environment to tackle the root cause of issues affecting lives whilst developing the confidence and skills to move into independent living.

The accommodation offered as part of these services are a mixture of single bedrooms with shared living spaces and self contained units in and around the the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas.

Veterans, NHS, Care Leavers, Street Homeless, HMPPS

Why Landlords Choose Ready4Home

We are a Not-for-Profit organisation based in Preston.  We currently have an Information Sharing Agreement with Organisations for Greater Manchester and the Lancashire area.  Our main referral pathway comes from NHS, Veteran agencies such as Walking With The Wounded, NPS, Approved Premises, local authorities, and other referring agencies.

There are many organisations and charities established to support homeless people. There is also a well-established hostel provision. However, there is a lack of “move on accommodation” available to enable people living in Hostels make the transition into independent living  

We have a Board of Directors with extensive knowledge of the clients we wish to assist. Including qualified individuals who carry out the Risk Assessments and score the referrals for suitability.  

We offer transport on the day of induction.  We then take our clients to their new home where they receive a Welcome Pack including bedding, towels, a food pack, personal hygiene and household cleaning products.  Accommodation is fully furnished and well appointed. We offer 2 hours one to one support weekly for a period of up to 2 years.  During this time, we are constantly working towards a Move on Plan enabling complete independence.   

Accommodation – In house service 
Food Bank – In house service
Clothing Bank – In house service
Money Management – In house service 
Debt Advice – In house service & Signposting to local organisations
Tenancy Management – In house service 
Bank Account – In house service 
Benefits – In house service 
Substance Misuse (drugs & alcohol) – Signposted to local organisations
Mental/Physical Health Support – Signposted to local organisations 
Adult Social Care – Signposting to local organisations
Registration to Doctors, Dentist etc. – In house service 
Training & Engagement – In house and external local organisations 
Employment – In house and external local organisations 
Good Tenancy course – In house training

Move on Plan – In house and Local Authorities.

An Individual Support Plan and Engagement Record is updated on a daily and weekly basis measuring short- and long-term goals and achievements.   Every case is assessed on it’s own merits.  We never exclude those who need our help.

24/7 support

We are a lifeline for many people and for that reason we are always available online and on call. 

Repairs and Emergencies

Our maintenance contractor and in house repairs, health & safety manager  means properties are always well maintained and emergencies are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In house legal team

All legal documents and contracts are dealt with by our Registered Provider saving time and money. 

Guaranteed Rent

We work with local authorities to provide secure and supported housing for vulnerable tenants. We can Guarantee monthly rent for landlords.

Emma Houghton

“We measure our success by the reduction of homeless people in our community and the willingness of landlords to entrust us with their properties. With the help of these collaborations we are very successful.”

Emma Houghton

Director of Care & Support

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