Ready4Home is a not for profit rental management and support company that specialises in finding and providing this housing and support.

What we need?

We are looking for good quality properties. Mainly multi occupancy houses (HMO Standards) studio apartments or one bedroom flats to lease. 

We will also happily work with you or your developer to provide a specification for conversion works to a property or for new build projects. Where properties are being developed or converted for our use, we will offer an agreement to lease. This provides security to you as a landlord or developer that once all works are completed and certification provided you will have an agreed and guaranteed rental income.

Property condition and certification

Properties must be in a good standard of repair, meet decent homes standards as a minimum requirement and meet the following relevant and legal requirements:

  • Adequate fire safety alarm systems
  • Up-to-date gas safety certificate (where applicable)
  • EICR certificate for electrical wiring
  • EPC performance rating of D or above

As part of our requirements Ready4Home also requires landlords to provide an asbestos survey (applicable only for property built or converted prior to 2000) and an up-to-date legionella risk assessment for the property.

Repairs and maintenance

Our terms require that landlords will retain responsibility for day-to-day repairs to the structure and internal parts of the building along with any heating and electrical supply. By way of guarantee Ready4Home will carry out repairs and make good any damage directly caused as a result of a tenant’s behaviour at our own expense.

What we offer

Guaranteed income

We pay you the monthly lease charge in advance regardless of whether the property is occupied. We usually lease properties for up to ten years at a time which means you can relax knowing that you will have a guaranteed steady rental income.

Suitable tenants

We take responsibility for sourcing prospective tenants and carrying out the necessary checks on them, as well as ensuring the appropriate behaviour of the tenant throughout the tenancy. We carry out regular visits to each property and complete a full Health and Safety inspection on a weekly basis.

Hassle-free management

Ready4Home will take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the tenancy, including paying the council tax and utility bills and inspecting and reporting any repairs, so you don’t have to worry about unpaid bills or repairs going unnoticed.

Property returned in a good condition

We promise to return your property to you in the same condition as when you signed the lease agreement (excluding reasonable wear and tear).