Changing Lives

We support, house, advise and speak out for disadvantaged 

adults  in custody and  beyond the gate.

Changing Minds

Ready4Home Offer Accommodation, Care and Support

Homes, Support and Better Outcomes

Our supported housing services and schemes combine accommodation with support. They are designed to meet the needs of particular groups, such as people who are homeless, may or may not have mental health issues, learning or physical disabilities, addiction issues, people at risk of domestic violence, or ex-offenders.

Some schemes and services are designed for people who need support to live independently. Others are short-term and designed to help people acquire the emotional and practical skills needed to move on into more mainstream housing.

Ensuring the best outcomes..

What makes us different is our deep level of understanding through the personal experience of our Support Workers and their in depth knowledge of the system.  Each resident will have an individually tailored program that will range from the most basic homemaking skills to being confident in their local community and understanding how and when to access local support networks and services. Reintroduction into a social environment is key to rebuilding self esteem and confidence lost during their period of incarceration or homelessness.

Step One – Selection Process

An initial interview with the client and a thorough understanding of the clients needs in collaboration with the prison service and other organisations. This will lead to the selection panel where the needs of the client will be assessed and permission to succeed is granted.

Step Two – Collection

After successful selection, the designated Support Worker will initiate the preparation for release plan with the client and the Offender Management Unit within custody or in an external environment.

Step Three – Appointments

On the day of release the Support Worker will meet the client at the gate and take them to any required appointments.

Step Four – New Home

They will then take them to their new accommodation and familiarise them with the layout and accommodation licence agreement.

Step Five – Welcome Pack

The accommodation will have a full Welcome Pack that will include all necessary items for the client until benefit entitlement is received. The Support Worker will also give the client a client information handbook that will outline the rules of the accommodation inline with the Licence agreement.  The client will be given a direct contact number to their Support Worker and useful local area information.

Step Six – Useful Numbers

Support Workers will give information and telephone number to external agencies such as Samaritans, Rape Crisis, Drug and Alcohol and a direct line to our services.

Step Seven  3 Hrs Support Weekly

The designated Support Worker will give 3 hours support per week to the client and will remain their point of contact from start to finish. This support will be given in person, over the telephone and contact with Probation Service and Multi Agency partners. To maintain continuity the Support Worker will be responsible for all clients residing in that accommodation.

Step Eight – Personal Plan = Progress

During designated meetings between the Support Worker and the client, the clients personal support plan will be developed to include any necessary multi agency interventions, which include education, training and employment opportunities in preparation for working life.

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